The Niagara County Auxiliary Police are a volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation of the quality of life within Niagara County and exists to supplement the Niagara County Sheriff's Department and the Lockport Police Department in the regulation of traffic, crowd control, protecting life and property and preserving the peace.

The Auxiliary Police was established pursuant to provisions of the Defense Emergency act of 1951 and is composed of civic-minded residents of the community who work together to improve the level of safety and security in their community.

Niagara County Auxiliary Police

The presence of the Auxiliary Police, in uniform, on patrol has been proven to reduce vandalism and other crimes in the community. The Auxiliary Police train for and perform these activities as well as limited patrol duties, acting as the eyes and ears of the regular patrol force.



The Niagara County Auxiliary Police applicant enrollment period is currently closed.
We are not accepting any new member applications at this time.
Please check back in June for our next Peace Officer recruitment and applicant enrollment dates.

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